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Raktha – blood, moksha – letting Raktha moksha consists of various kinds of blood letting generally, it is concluded as,

Blood letting with Sasthra (sharp instruments)

Blood letting without Sasthra (anu sasthra)


  • Usually, metallic sharp instruments are used for sasthra krutha and it is again subdivided as,
  • Prachanam (pricking method)
  • Sira vedham (phlebotomy or venesection)

It is being used in Klesasaha and those who are suffering from chronic or acute diseases.


It is using in cases of sukumaras, young children, geriatric cases, pregnancy etc.. it can be subdivided as 4 types,

  • Jaluka acharanam – blood letting by non toxic leeches.
  • Shrunga acharanam – blood letting by suction with hollow animal horns.
  • Alabu acharanam – blood letting by suction through long guard.
  • Ghatiyanthram – Bloodletting by suction with small earthen pot that has a small lilted candle or mild fire or heated inside.